Syros, Greece

Ermoupolis, on the Island of Syros as viewed from the harbour, a pyramid of neatly stacked buildings with the grand Anastasi church at the peak. I shot this from our ferry which docked briefly before heading on to our destination, Santorini. Next time I would like to head onshore and take a look around this amazing island.

Milos, Greece

Milos, Greece a stunning volcanic Island in the Aegean Sea. Secluded fishing village glows in the evening light, Milos Sarakiniko the most photographed landscape on the Island is a brilliant white beach that I stumbled upon whilst exploring the island. Its lunar landscape, twisted rock formations, caves, and clear blue waters make for an amazing…


Santorini, Greece

The Cyclades, Greece are a picturesque group of Islands home to the world famous and absolutely breathtaking Santorini. This volcanic Island juts out of the clear azure Aegean Sea, with colourful sculpted buildings perched on its peaks. Santorini’s natural and man-made beauty make for endless photo opportunities, and is a must for any visitors to…


Isle of Skye, Scotland

Isle of Skye on the West coast of Scotland is somewhere I have wanted to travel to ever since my passion for landscape photography became apparent. The island delivered varied landscapes, from rugged coast line with rolling green pastures to winding rivers and tall mountain peaks, it was truly awe-inspiring. Sligachan Bridge, Cuillin Mountains, Isle…