Great Ocean Road, Victoria

The iconic Great Ocean Road is home to the Twelve Apostles and is often voted as one of the world’s best drives. It’s a ‘must do’ on any trip to Australia due to its stunning rugged coastline, ancient forests and abundance of wildlife.

Twelve Apostles

I’ve never had much of a chance to explore this area so have previous taken photographs from the surrounding viewing platforms. This is fine as long as no one walks by, the vibrations through the wooden planks will result in soft exposures. There are a couple of patches of concrete around the walkway for a sharper result but your compositions are limited. An alternative to the walkway is down low from the beach which is accessible a hundred meters of so east of the Twelve Apostles.


Great Otway National Park, Victoria

Consisting of over 100,000 hectares of National Park Great Otway has a multitude of various stunning waterfalls, woodlands, and coastline. Take a pair of waterproof shoes and don’t be afraid of getting wet. The rocks can be very slippy so be mindful of this. I suggest doing some online research to find out which waterfalls you wish to shoot, how long it takes to drive and then walk there and plan accordingly…you would be hard pressed to visit them all.