Tasmania is an amazing island full of many unique photographic opportunities within relative close proximity to each other. Tasmania is one of Australia’s smaller and lesser populated states and one of which that I only recently had the pleasure of visiting. It’s the closest Australia has to the impressive landscapes of the South Island, New Zealand and is truly unique to the other states. I hope to visit it again someday to explore the more remote and less traveled areas but for now here are the highlights from where I have visited:

Picnic Rocks and Eddystone Lighthouse

Located on the far North East corner of Tasmania in the Bay of Fires this beautiful location with it’s amazing red rocks is a must visit. The white sand beaches and azure tones of the water contrast with the fiery red lichen covered rocks.

Picnic Rocks, Mt William National Park, Tasmania, Australia
Picnic Rocks, Mt William National Park, Tasmania, Australia

Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania, Australia

Cradle Mountain’s monumental alpine peaks and reflective lake are iconic to Australia. The ancient woodlands dripping with old man’s beard and green moss seem to be unchanged by time as are the peaks themselves. Australia’s famous boat house nestles into the landscape to complete this unmissable National Park.

Cradle Mountain, Lake St Clair National Park, Australia
Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, Australia

Freycinet National Park

Wineglass Bay on the Freycinet peninsula is another famous Tasmanian born iconic Australian landscape. The national park is littered with secluded scenic beaches with amazing rock formations making for some great photography. This is a must visit and is definitely on the wish list for my next visit.

Walls of Jerusalem National Park

Visiting this less popular national park was a real treat. Wallabies stood idly by while I hiked with what felt like all of my worldly possessions through this ancient landscape. With picture perfect winter days the nights temperature would drop close to minus double digits. Waking up to this amazing wintery landscape made for a great experience and some very fond memories.

Walls of Jerusalem National Park, Australia
Walls of Jerusalem National Park, Australia